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Description: The Umbrella Cockatoo – Cacatua alba, also known as the white cockatoo or the great white-crested cockatoo, is well-known in bird circles as being one of the most affectionate companion pet birds for sale today, and is sure to delight with humorous antics. The name cockatoo originated from the Malay name for these birds, kakaktua, which translates literally as “older sister. This companion bird requires a commitment as it can live from 35-70 years if well cared for. We offer easy and covenient shipping options for the safe delivery of you new pet umbrella cockatoo.

The umbrella can be distinguished from other white cockatoos by its white crest that raises like an umbrella when the bird is excited, agitated, or ready to play or bite. Both the beak and legs are a dark gray, and the feathers on the undersides of the wings and tail are light yellow. Sexual dimorphism occurs in the eye coloration of the Umbrella Cockatoo. Both sexes have a pale blue eye-ring, but males have a dark brown iris while females have a reddish iris. Females usually have a smaller head and beak than males.The umbrella is slightly smaller than the Moluccan cockatoo, but is not smaller in personality or charm. If you are attentive and wishing to have a companion pet cockatoo, then this affectionate pet cockatoo for sale is a good choice.

Geography: An Indonesian native.

Size: about 17 in length

Temperament: The umbrella cockatoo in known to be clingy with its owners but it can be fickle as well. Umbrella Cockatoos make an affectionate and loyal companion pet bird if you are able to give it the attention it desires. Known for its loud and talkative nature, frisky antics and entertaining nature, it is sure to provide excellent companionship for the advanced avian enthusiast. The White crested cockatoo does not like to be confined in small spaces and needs a large space to live in, preferably an enormous, well-build cage with a top that opens into a play stand. If stressed, it can become agitated and chew and pick at its feathers, or become weary, apathetic or aggressive.

Breeding: Umbrella Cockatoos produce two egg clutches. Incubation lasts approximately 28 days. The chicks are covered in yellow down and grow quickly. Cockatoos do not acquire a secondary down like neo-tropical parrots and feather out simultaneously; in many parrots the feather growth is asynchronous. Chicks spend about 8 weeks in the nest and can take as long as three months before they become independent. Sexual maturity is reached as early as three years but averages 4-5 years in most individuals.

Speech: The noise level of this bird is extremely high. It is prone to bouts of loud screaming, especially if it is isolated, locked in a cage, or doesn’t get its way. the whitre crested cockatoo can be taught to talk and may acquire a vocabulary of more than 50 words, though most will not learn that many. Often, a bird that learns to talk may substitute screaming for talking, but not all of the time.

Diet: A balance of seeds suitable for parrots, pellets, fresh fruit and leafy greens is a good diet for the umbrella cockatoo.

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If there is not a gender option listed for this bird on our website, that particular species is ‘monomorphic,’ which means we’re unable to determine gender without DNA testing. DNA testing is an additional $99 per bird to be tested. If you want us to do our best without DNA testing, just make a note in the comment section of your order letting us know your preference. Please note that if no DNA testing is ordered, we are unable to guarantee a preferred gender but will do our best. See our FAQs for more info.


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